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The Hogan House


Built in the mid 1800’s this beautiful estate was first home to Elias Smith, a prominent attorney and his wife Sarah.   Elias and his wife, gave this house to their daughter Lucy,  and son -in -law Overton Hogan Jr, probably as a wedding gift in 1872.   Overton Hogan Jr. was the son of Overton Hogan Sr. the owner of the first train over the southern railroad.  Overton Hogan Jr., himself was an extremely successful businessman,  a registered physician, lawyer and general assembly member.  Overton and Lucy Hogan then passed down the house to their son Robert Dawson Hogan and his wife Josephine in 1939. While Robert Dawson was a accountant, banker and insurance agent, his wife Josephine, oversaw the day to day operations of the estate then name The Broadlawn Farm.   Josephine was widowed in 1987 but continued to live in the house until 1993 when she sold it to Charles and Sharon Rider.  Josephine passed away only days after selling the home to Mr. and Mrs. Rider, at the age of 96.  The Rider family still owns and operates The Hogan House.   


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